2016-2017 Season


June 23 – July 2, 2017

Once on this Island, Jr. is a one-act musical with book and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens and music by Stephen Flaherty.  Based on the 1985 novel My Love, My Love, or The Peasant Girl, by Rosa Guy, it is set in the French Antilles. The show, with its poignant story and catchy Caribbean-flavored score, uses elements from Romeo and Juliet as well as The Little Mermaid to enchant the denizens of a tropical island.  Singing gods, dancing story-tellers, and an array of colorful villagers will all be played by Kona youngsters age 18 and under.

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Plan 9 (1)October 14 – 30, 2016

Plan 9 from Outer Space is a campy, silly sci-fi comedy adapted from the Ed Wood film of the same name, claimed by many to be “the worst movie ever made.” The stage adaptation, by Mark Landon Smith, features mysterious aliens, maniacal military brass, donut eating cops, screaming women, obsessed preachers, sinister space ships, and a few characters who could be either zombies, vampires, or Pokemon monsters. Corny special effects will complement the outrageous plot line. Pure escapist fun perfect for the Halloween season!


cob-1December 2 – 18, 2016

What do you get when a group of talented performers find themselves trapped in a theatre with a live band and a comical tour guide on Christmas Eve?  You get a decadent two hours of Broadway grandeur and holiday cheer.  This musical review is a warm, funny, light-hearted tribute to the holiday season, filled with delightful dancing, spectacular music, and a sweet surprise.  In addition to timeless classics there are new songs written just for the show, and topped off with a hilarious “Phantom of the Nutcracker Express,” a spoof of holiday traditions.  This witty show, created and arranged by Rick Lewis, romps between sentimental and farcical.

jcs-02-1February 10 – March 12, 2017

Jesus Christ Superstar is a hard driving rock opera by the legendary team of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.  The musical started as a concept album in 1970 and debuted on Broadway in 1971.  It has been revived on the Great White Way three times since then.  The story is loosely based on the Gospel accounts of the last week of Jesus’ life.  It highlights the probable political and interpersonal struggles between Jesus and Judas Iscariot.  The controversial work’s depiction offers a free interpretation of the well-known story, with ironic contemporary allusions and modern slang throughout.  An enduring rock and roll classic sure to rev up your engines!


miracle-worker-1May 5 – 21, 2017

The Miracle Worker is a moving drama by William Gibson adapted from his 1957 Playhouse 90 teleplay of the same name, based on Helen Keller’s autobiography, The Story of My Life.  In the late 1880’s in Alabama, an illness renders infant Helen blind, deaf, and mute.  Pitied and badly spoiled by her parents, she is taught no discipline, and has turned into a wild, angry, tantrum-throwing child in control of the household.  Desperate, the Kellers hire Annie Sullivan to serve as governor and teacher for their daughter.  After several fierce battles, Annie finally teaches Helen discipline through persistence and language through hand signals, a double breakthrough that changes Helen’s life and has a direct effect on the lives of everyone in the family.  An American classic.