The Dark Hobby and Dragon Walk

Saturday, July 7, 2018
7:00 pm

All Tickets $20

Presented by Paradise Filmworks and The Snorkel Bob Foundation

The Dark Hobby (Sneak Preview) is a work-in-progress reef documentary on the three hubs of aquarium extraction: Indonesia, the Philippines and mostly Hawaii. Controversy continues with aquarium collectors still working Hawaii reefs in violation of a Hawaii Supreme Court ruling. Aquarium plunder and consequence is documented, as aquarium collectors blame reef decimation on global warming and pollution. The campaign continues with a technical ban on West Hawaii aquarium collecting but no enforcement. Reef stewardship in The Reef State is in the balance. The Dark Hobby presents the pros and cons from both sides of the argument, commercial vs. conservation, 75 minutes.

Dragon Walk, The Movie, On Reef Recovery & Political Will, also filmed on location in the Philippines, Indonesia and Hawaii, Dragon Walk is from the DVD & book of the same name. Reef life in optimal conditions, where no commercial extraction occurs, 30 minute sample.

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