Kokua Committee

The Aloha Theatre’s Kokua Committee is responsible for selecting the slate of shows for each season.  The committee meets several times a year and makes a final recommendation to the Program Committee.  After review and approval of the recommendations, the Program Committee forwards them to the Board of Directors for final approval in early November 2019.

Plays are considered from a variety of perspectives, including interest to the community, cultural significance or timely subject matter,  fit with other shows under consideration, cast composition, and cost to produce.  The Kokua Committee makes a considerable effort to ensure that each season is comprised of plays from a variety of genres that will engage our diverse audience, as well as providing interesting and challenging roles for our actors and crew.

Each season’s selections strive to host at least one youth production, a play (non-musical), a large-scale musical, and one locally-written production.

The community is encouraged to recommend plays to the committee: if you have a show you would like to see on the Aloha Theatre stage, please fill out the form below and submit it to the office or email it to info@apachawaii.org.  We want to hear from you!
All forms must be submitted no later than Sunday, September 1. The new season line up will be announced at our annual gala in March 2020!

2020-21 Kokua Proposal Form