Kokua Committee

What is the Kokua Committee?

The Aloha Theatre’s Kokua Committee is a team of theatre and community representatives who research, discuss, and collaborate to create the production line up of the upcoming Aloha Theatre season.  The committee meets several times a year and makes a final recommendation to the Program Committee.  After review and approval of the recommendations, the Program Committee forwards them to the Board of Directors for final approval in November 2020.

Shows are considered from a variety of perspectives, including interest to the community, cultural significance, or timely subject matter, fit with other shows under consideration, cast composition, and cost to produce. The Kokua Committee makes a considerable effort to ensure that each season is comprised of plays from a variety of genres that will engage our diverse audience, as well as provide interesting and challenging roles for our volunteer actors and crew.

Each season’s selections aims to host at least one youth production, a play (non-musical), a large-scale musical, and a locally-written production.

Community Input

Mahalo for sharing your interest and feedback for our 2021-22 season!

Stay tuned for announcements and opportunities to be involved on and/or off stage in these exciting upcoming titles!