Make Your Own Musical!

Make Your Own Musical
Ages 7 – 18
$500 – $750
Make Your Own Musical!

In this three week intensive camp students will:

  • create, produce and perform their original show, complete with story and musical compositions and learned choreography.

  • Learn skills such as stage management, costume, makeup, lighting, and sound design.

  • learn aspects of stagecraft by designing and building props and set pieces!

Camps will be split into Two age groups:

  1. The Inventors, ages 7-11 and

  2. Our Creators, age 12-18

Inventors and Creators will support the productions of their counterparts, and each original show will be performed on August 1st.

Both groups will explore all the aspects that go into Making a Musical from scratch. Youth performers will build the final production from the ground up, alongside our Teens Behind the Scenes who will take on all of the backstage elements of the show. All of the youth participants will have the opportunity to learn about documenting their project: the ideas behind design and hands on creation process.

Students will be led by a brilliant team of teaching artists and instructors who will support our students as they develop their creations. We are beyond excited to support your Artists, and cannot wait to see what they create!

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