Video Classes for Isolated Times

The CREATE program offers high-quality creative and performing arts education for all ages. Our programs assist with developing real-world skills through a variety of artistic subjects including acting, scriptwriting, costuming, improvisation, set design, and more!

Although our doors are not open at this time, we are bringing opportunities to your doors! See below for a variety of FREE and $1 online offerings!

FaceBook Family Fun 

Wednesday Wonders! 

Made for Keiki, Open for all!
Wednesday, April 6, 2020
1:00pm-2:00pm HST
FREE FB Live Series
Click here to reach our Facebook page!
This series will be hosted on FaceBook Live, an online resource, and will require access to a FaceBook account. 

No more school, beaches, or outdoor sun?
Well these two girls are here to bring FUN!
Wednesday Wonders is the name of their show, for keiki to imagine, wonder, and grow!
With story time, sketches, arts and crafts; enjoy an hour of family-fun laughs.
FREE for all, but donations are great!
So get ready, get set, it’s time to CREATE!

Join Miss Jackie, Education Director of the Aloha Theatre and Kona-based entertainer, and DJ Nikki, morning personality on The Wave @92fm and Hilo-based entertainer, as they explore the many wonders of the world through stories, sketches, and activities that are full of fun for everyone!

Everyone is invited to wonder with us! Stay tuned on the Aloha Theatre’s Facebook Page for this livestream session on Wednesdays at 1:00pm HST!
A special mahalo to the Kailua-Kona Public Library for sharing their amazing resources to support this project! 

Online Workshops 

Saturdays On Broadway

Ages 16+
Saturdays, April 4-25, 2020
10:00am-12:00pm HST
FREE to participate, Donations are encouraged!

This workshop will be hosted via Zoom, an online resource, and will require access to a device with camera abilities. 

Experienced dancers everywhere are invited to join Rachel Carr in this all-new online dance series offering an open space for theatre lovers!

Have fun with a theatrical dance challenge in the comfort of your own home! Saturdays On Broadway’s primary focus is to provide an opportunity for trained and/or experienced dancers to further develop their theatre dance skills, and to just dance! Each class will learn a combination from a sub-genre of theatre dance including Latin ballroom, Contemporary, Swing, and Jazz! Whether you sign up to enhance your technique, challenge your body, or simply have a space to dance, this video-based class will welcome you with spirited jazz hands!

Participants are encouraged to be in a space that they can see their screen, but be able to move. To better understand the vocabulary and techniques used, participants are recommended to have beginner dance training or experience. If you are uncertain whether this series is a good fit, click here to email for a consultation.

Monologue Workspace

Recommended for ages 16+
FREE to participate, Donations are encouraged!
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Sunday; April 5, 2020

This workshop will be hosted via Zoom, an online resource, and will require access to a device with camera abilities. 

Getting ready for an audition? Want some extra professional feedback, tips, and tricks to perform your monologue to your best abilities?

Join professional entertainer and CREATE’s Education Director, Jaquelynn Jeanne Collier, as she facilitates a monologue “workspace” for actors to gain additional feedback for their upcoming auditions from the comfort of their own home! Here, actors are invited to treat the “meeting” as a safe space and share their monologues with fellow artists to gather advice, tools, and tricks to perfect their piece. Every actor is different, so individual feedback will also be different!

Participants are required to come prepared with at least 1 monologue (familiarized or memorized).

To ensure there is time for everyone to “work” their monologues, space is limited to 10 people. Once registered, an email will be sent with time assignments and zoom “meeting” links. If you cannot make the full 3 hours, THAT’S OKAY! If you have scheduling conflicts, please email us for a specific reservation time.

Sip & Script: A Virtual Script-Book Club! 

Recommended for ages 13+
Tuesdays, Starting March 30
3:00pm-5:00pm HST
FREE to participate, Donations are encouraged!
Registration now extended through April 5! 

This workshop will be hosted via Zoom, an online resource, and will require access to a device with camera abilities.

Grab a cup, mug, glass, or Hydroflask! It’s time to read some SCRIPTS in this new online script-book club!

This series is an open space for folks to better understand “script reading”. Led by Education Director and Actress Jaquelynn Jeanne Collier, each session will focus on the many elements that make plays and musicals entertaining to read aloud or in silence!

For the upcoming course: On the first session (March 30), the “club” will explore the important keys and formats many playwrights use, followed by assigning the first book to read. The following week (April 6) will discuss, reflect, and learn an understanding of the script in a structured group discussion.

Sip & Script updates will be posted a week in advance here!

Participants of all levels and performance experience are welcome. A link to the zoom “meeting” will be sent after registration. Please have webpage open and ready in time for a prompt 3:00pm start time.