Special Announcement

Aloha Friends of the Aloha Theatre-

There was a break-in at the theatre on Christmas Eve that resulted in damage to the building and disorder in several areas.  Fortunately, damage was limited to a few broken windows, spilled paint and an overturned projector out front. The contents of shelves and cabinets were spread widely, but the auditorium, office and theatrical equipment were untouched.  We are very grateful that the damage wasn’t worse, rehearsal and our day-to-day work will continue interrupted.  

The Hawaii Police Department worked quickly on Friday and took a suspect into custody.  We are assisting the police in their inquiry, and will of course follow the case through prosecution.  The building was secured in the early morning hours of Christmas, and volunteers are already working on cleanup.  Although you may see plywood covering the windows for a little while, rest assured that the Aloha Theatre is just as strong as ever!

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