Teens Behind the Scenes: Summer ShowCraft

Teens Behind The Scenes:
Summer ShowCraft
Ages 13 – 18

2024 Summer ShowCraft

In this 3 week long Summer Break camp, Teens Behind the Scenes will take on all of the backstage elements of the showcase presentation, as well as support their peers in its creation. Participants will learn to build the backbone of any good show, and will support the cast of our “Make Your Own Musical” camp to deliver a powerful presentation!

Using photos, video, and sound to gather original footage and collaborate on their final presentation, TBTS will develop their own project documenting the process of Make Your Own Musical to be shared on the final day of camp, before an Ohana Potluck to conclude the program.

Teens Behind the Scenes is a program for youth ages 13-18 that explores different elements of stagecraft and media production through research and design, while offering practical support for student showcase performances and ongoing mainstage theatrical productions.

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