The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project was filmed live on the Aloha Theatre stage in August, 2020.  Although we are disappointed that we could not present the play to a live audience, we are delighted to share it with you in virtual performance.  If we can’t offer you the best seat in the house, we are sure you will enjoy the show from the best seat in YOUR house!

Each ticket for The Laramie Project entitles the purchaser 24-hour access to the stream, beginning at the 7:30 pm showtime. For example, if you purchase a ticket for September 4, you will be able to watch from 7:30 pm on Friday through 7:30 pm on Saturday.   A household only needs to buy one pass, though there may be multiple viewers.  Instructions for accessing the stream will be sent the day before your reservation, and again the day of.  Tickets are free, though we hope you will make a donation to support continued programming at the Aloha Theatre.

The Laramie Project is written in a series of moments, rather than scenes.  Each moment consists of recollections and reflections about the events surrounding Matthew Shepard’s tragic death.  Our 12 actors each play multiple roles representing both public figures, those less visible, and the members of the Tectonic Theater Project researching the story, who together form a collage of Laramie as the community comes to grips with the aftermath of a brutal murder.

The play was rehearsed on Zoom through mid-July, a new challenge for the actors and director Jerry Tracy alike.  The format lent itself to deep engagement with the text of the play, which resulted in deep character development for the myriad of personalities each actor was asked to portray.  Actors and crew moved to the Aloha Theatre stage in July, following strict masking, distancing, and disinfection protocols.  Despite many challenges, the play evolved into a moving portrayal of an important moment in our nation’s history that resonates to the present day.

The Laramie Project is intended for mature audiences due to content and language.