Unstaged: Theatre Inside Out

Unstaged: Theatre Inside Out is a virtual production led by guest directors and actors from the Aloha Theatre.  Short scenes from 7 plays are included in the video with a runtime of 1:15, streaming on demand to the device of your choice.  Access is pay-what-you-can, streaming will be available July 16-25.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Director: Quinton Loder
Actors: Rocco Arnott, Daisy Stock, Shraddha Judd, Janemarie Singer

by Harold Pinter
Director: Dave Merrin
Actors: Quinton Loder, Vanessa Papa

Barefoot in the Park
by Neil Simon
Director: Nicole Gour
Actors: Miguel Montez, Vanessa Papa, Dan McCoy

by Crystal Skillman
Director: Robb Dahlke
Actors: Michael Friedman, Daisy Stock, Anna Payesko, Rob Payesko, Kayla Robertson, Añaza Nielsen

All in the Timing: Mere Mortals
by David Ives
Director: Dan McCoy
Actors: John Sucke, Bob Haber, Hal Snyder

Aria da Capo
by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Director: Bill Lester
Actors: Rocco Arnott, Michael Friedman

The 39 Steps
by Patrick Barlow
Director: Ellen Farnsworth
Actors: Quinton Loder, Daisy Stock