Auditions (Subject to Change)

Toil & Trouble
by Lauren Gunderson
August 4 – 20, 2023

Audition Information

The Aloha Theatre holds open auditions, which means that anyone is welcome to audition, no past experience is required. During the audition you’ll be asked to read from selected sides (short sections of the script), if you’d like to read those sides before the audition you can see them here.

When: Monday 6/5 and Tuesday 6/6 from 6pm – 9pm

How: Fill out the AUDITION FORM and select any times you are available to audition, you’ll receive an email with your audition time a day or two before the audition

Who: This play has three roles; 2 men and 1 woman. They are all aged between 20 and 30.


About the Play

Underemployed friends Adam, Matt and Beth are desperate to beat the recession any way they can–like combining forces to take over a small island in South America. But when a fortune cookie tells Matt that he will rule and Beth gets a little too handy with a dagger, plans go awry. This hilarious adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth pits friend against friend, ambition against fate, pet-sitting against miniature vicuna mogul-dom.


About the Characters

Adam, 30, MBA hit hard by the recession. Go-getter in everything. Adam is always on the verge of the next great American invention. He feels like he deserves a better life than he is currently living.

Matt, 30, political science major, peace activist, push-over (until he isn’t). Matt has a more realistic view of the world than Adam, he realizes that he should probably just get a paying job and grow up. But, at the same time, he doesn’t really want to do that.

Beth, 30, hot, powerful, clever, local sports reporter. Beth knows the power she has over Matt and Adam and relishes it. Suffering a recent demotion at work and having run through a string of failed relationships she’s ready to try something radical…if she can be in charge.

Toil and Trouble Production Calendar

Side 1 – Matt, Adam

Side 2 – Beth

Side 3 – Beth, Adam, Matt

Side 4 – Matt, Beth