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The Aloha Theatre is currently hiring for two positions.  Job descriptions are posted below.  For questions or additional information, please email here.

Technical Coordinator (Temporary)

The Technical Coordinator (Temporary) is responsible for ensuring all aspects of technical theatre are run safely and efficiently during the rehearsal and performance run of an Aloha Theatre MainStage production.  The current opening covers the period from May 6 to June 28, as outlined below.   The successful candidate will have a thorough understanding of all aspects of technical theater, including construction, lighting equipment, rigging, and sound. People and time management skills are a must, as is a focus on safety.  The Technical Coordinator will work closely with the Artistic Director to ensure all technical needs are met for the production. The position of Technical Director (Temporary) is a part time, hourly, non-exempt position at the Aloha Theatre.  Weekly hours will vary and weekend work will be required; full details of the time commitment can be found in the full job description below. The Technical Coordinator reports to the Artistic Director.

To apply, please send a resume here.

Full Job Description and Time Commitments

Technical Coordinator Job Description

Education Director

The Education Director is responsible for developing and implementing education-related activities for the Aloha Theatre, and will also participate in decision making about the ongoing development and delivery of the organization’s mission, values and vision.  The Education Director is expected to consistently demonstrate the qualifications, characteristics and skills outlined in the hiring process; they must be a dynamic leader with extensive experience in education and a commitment to serve people of diverse racial, ethnic, economic, gender and educational backgrounds. The Education Director must have a passion for the performing arts, and must understand Hawaiʻi’s social complexities, as well as the challenges and opportunities of performing arts education in a close community.  They must be detail oriented, well organized and able to manage time and priorities, working independently but able to collaborate with a team.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume here.

Full Job Description

Education Director Job Description