When Bad Things Happen to Good Actors

Aloha Teen Theatre presents…
When Bad Things Happen to Good Actors
Wednesday, May 29th & Thursday, May 30th
7:00 PM | $10
*approximately 30 minutes

Written by Ian McWelty and Jason Pizzarello
Directed by Anna Lei Leuenberger

About the Show:

A simple one-act production of The Wizard of Oz gets derailed by missed cues, forgotten lines, and a renegade sound board op who refuses to play anything but dinosaur noises. A comedy that proves, when it comes to live theatre, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and it will be hilarious.


Kendell Haddock, Sophia Costas, Parker Van Velsor, Maya Shoosmith, Kai Hollinger, Shardae Frias, Kaelynn Qualey, Maleinka Schuetter, Isla Gildner, Maddie Sager, Aysha Pham, Elizabeth Glende and Mahina Mason.

Teens Behind the Scenes:

Leah McCandless, Tobias McCandless, Reef Talbott, Dash Benner, Mikayla Winkler, Malia Healy, and Melelani Leis


Produced by special arrangement with Stage Partners. www.yourstagepartners.com

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